Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OpenVZ Virtual Ethernet Devices

By default, OpenVZ uses the venet devices which on the network have the same mac address as the host (VE0/CT0). This actually proved to be a problem when I was trying to [Nessus] scan OpenVZ containers from the host.

(Basically I'm trying to migrate Linux VM's some of which are targets that we scan in class away from VMWare Server, and the behavior was that students were only able to scan the VE's if they were connected to a Nessus scanner that was not on the same physical system as the other containers. Got it?)

So I had seen an eth0 within the container and wondered what it was and how it is configured. Well the virtual ethernet device wiki page has the answers although I was not unable to get this working after waking up at 1:30 AM and being unable to go back to sleep. Will try again tomorrow.

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