Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ideapad S10 Upgrade Complete

So I only ended up working a half-day today, so this afternoon (in between watching the kids and doing some last minute shopping for Christmas) I put in my old 120GB drive from my wife's dead MacBook and started the arduous process of copying a drive image from the original 80GB drive that ships with it, to the new. 

(The added bonus was that I Ubuntu automatically mounted the HFS+ so I was able to recover a bunch of picture from iPhoto and phone booth)

And none of this would have been possible without UNetbootin.

It is definitely the hero of the day.

So the S10 has a weird partitioning layout. It only uses the first half of the drive (in my case 80GB) for the XP Home (FAT32) partition there are 3-4 other partitions, some more or less hidden for the backup features that I would know about if I had bothered to break the seals on the product documentaiton.

Of course dd|gzip (then back again)  on an Atom processer takes forever so there was a lot of downtime. 40 GB images. I think it compressed down to 7GB or so, but to and from an external USB drive. You get the point. Drive imaging is slow, but now I have a dual boot (8.10 and XP Home) S10. This is the 2nd time I installed 8.10 and the long and short of it it is supported pretty well. No more quirks than on other Laptop hardware.

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