Saturday, December 13, 2008

Major Vendor Netbook Pricing Showdown

I've been longing for a Netbook for a while and am still watching craiglist like a hawk as well as pricing from Netbook vendors.

  • HP Mini HP 1000/1GB Ram/8GB SSD with 2 year warranty (WinXP obviously) - $459
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9/512GB/8GB SSD with 2 year warranty (Ubuntu) - $463
  • Lenovo S10 IdeaPad/512GB/80GB SATA with 2 year Warranty (XPSP3) - $408
I'm sort of anal about getting warantees on laptops and I don't trust Acer, Asus, etc.

Ubuntu reportedly runs on these, but the Lenovo looks really tempting (especially because I'm somehow on their employee discount list). It looks easy to upgrade, like to put in a SSD when they get a little cheaper and it also has a express card slot which I would be more interested more for storage although looking at the BIOS it doesn't look like you could boot from it. It would be trivial to dual boot on the SATA drive, but it seems like the whole point of having at netbook is to have a SSD drive.

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