Thursday, December 11, 2008

Forest and Trees?

Along with the neverending drumbeat from ElasticVapor on CyberSecurity, now even Tom Peters is bullish on the idea of a CyberSecurity czar and an increased focusing on "CyberSecurity" in the next administration.

While Mr. Bush did increase spending on cyberthreats, much, much more emphasis is called for—and the topic is too important to bury in DHS.

But if if you "create a new White House office to protect cyberspace from hackers, thieves and foreign agents, coordinating security efforts across U.S. military, intelligence and civilian agencies" isn't that creating another DHS?

The problem is not coordination (of all things) we don't need another figurehead or another advocate for "CyberSecurity."

The issue is implementation. This is dirty, tedious work that creation of another agency or czar is not going to solve.

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