Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fedora 10 on T-61 Passes the Sniff Test (But Fails the Virtualization Test)

Did the install from the LiveCD. First go around I had forgot to unmount /dev/sda1 (where I was going to install it) so it failed but on the 2nd try booted just fine. Installed Flash from the repositories. Added another repo so I Gstreamer could handle mp3 streams. Sound works. Haven't tried WPA but that should work too.

Still not as smooth as the last two (or three) Ubuntu releases for but still usable, but the two things I do like

1) Fedora GNOME install has mini-commander. Yeah!!!
2) Fonts are bigger for an old guy like me ;)

But easy virtualization (compared to Ubuntu) forget about it

No easy OpenVZ. KVM (which sucks with QEMU)/Virtual Machine Manager didn't work out of the box (or at least not in 5 minutes the way it does on Ubuntu) and no dom0.

Lame. I really wanted a Xen-friendly distro to dual boot for my Thinkpad, since Centos/RHEL kernel is so old it won't support the hardware.


Andre Gironda said...

ESX installs on Lenovo T60 (2007 version). I'm not sure about the SATA controller support, but it does boot fine.

Matt Franz said...

And ESX provides usable desktop? :(|)