Monday, December 22, 2008

First Ideapad Blog

Well my Lenovo Ideapad S10 came today, several days ahead of schedule. I guess one of the benefits of a global economic downturn is fulfillment centers chock full of crap that people shouldn't be buying in the first place.

It turns out I had ordered a white one. Oh well, couldn't remember. I thought that might be the case. That's OK need to find some small stickers (OpenBSD, not!) to put on it to look cool.

Still running XP for now (will probably leave it on the 80GB that came with it) but I did boot off 8.10 from a USB key and the only thing that didn't appear to work was the batter life indicator. I didn't try WPA, only briefly hopped on a neighbor's open AP to test the browser because I couldn't remember my WPA2 key and haven't added the MAC to the router yet. Popped in the RAM from my wife's MacBook and up to 1.5.

If you ordered the sleeve (and are a man who is not manly enough to not care if you had a pink notebook sleeve) it is reversible.

So here are the first impressions:
  • It is definitely smaller than I expected, and the keyboard is more cramped than I expected. TAB key is very tiny making shell expansion difficult under cygwin/remote system. But it is usable (typing on it now)
  • Performance is snappier than I thought, given the lousy benchmarks I read about. Chrome on Atom is a nice platform.
  • It definitely feels solid, not like a toy, as I envisioned the Dell Mini 9 to be. Hinges are nice and stiff.
  • Get rid of Norton and their stupid phishing toolbars which suck up screen geometry. Lots of apps barely fit.
  • The touchpad rocks. Hell of a lot better than crappy Dell touchpads (at least the ones I used on Latitude/Precision.
  • It is sort of tricky removing/putting the expansion cover (for HD and RAM) on and off. I was afraid I was going to break it.
  • The is a  noticible audible blowing sound (the fan I believe)
  • Speakers are about what I expect. Not great. Not terrible.
  • Watched the start of the latest episode of Chuck on Hulu and was decent.

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