Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We will see

Heady stuff, we'll will know in a week about the youth vote.

Was down in DC at Children's National today for my daughter's eye surgery. Lots of Obama ads on the TV in the waiting room, a bunch of nervous parents watching his PA speech live while their kids were in surgery. Nodding heads. A couple of middle-aged white women talking about how Palin scared them. A handful of African-America. A granola-looking white woman with an African-American husband. She said she was a Christian (responding to a spot on CNN) and was voting for Obama. A handful of Spanish-speaking families and Asians.

Good to be back in Real America. Real 21st Center America where whites hardly break 50% of the population (think California and Texas or even NOVA) vs. the racist hinterlands feeling sorry for themselves. Went pheasant hunting up in Western. Once again am struck how the most beautiful plasses in the land are often the most backwards.

After a decade and half in Texas and a year in Skokie, these racist, low-class xenophobic, anti-immigrant, white f***s that seem to be everywhere here in Maryland -- talking about "Mexicans." Please.

It is difficult to take. Nobody would dare make those comments in Texas, even if they thought them. God, I'm turning into a reactionary.

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