Monday, October 13, 2008

SCADASEC-L: More Security Cliches Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

You know the world has gone crazy when I agrees with Joe on something but (just like the McCain-Palin rhetoric) I guess ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery, capitalism is socialism, etc.

So I decided to see what was up this month on SCADASEC-L.

Here is quick rundown:

My favorite SCADASEC CTO thinks all your IT belongs to us

If your car is connected to an IP network and it receives and sends data to that IT network then it has become an IT device. The space station has IT devices in it that communicate back to the Internet on earth.
I probably actually agree with this although I would never admit to it in a public forum. But this makes me chuckle every time I read it.

KF and the Department of Redundant Posts. The whole problem with this list was quantity over quality. A case in point.

A CISSP Channels Palin.

For the record, I am not saying anyone on this list doesn't understand -it's just a long standing issue not easily settled with a definition (not that this is the intent of this thread).

and even more incoherent:
I submit to the list that the definition at hand is too broad for our purposes on this list. For the context part of this example, I am a truck owner and operator. Adriel has put forth that my Avalanche becomes an IT device once I mash the OnStar button (or when my diagnostics are remotely monitored by Chevy). I, as the truck owner/operator, still have to disagree.

I'm confused

So you are driving down the road an you are covered with snow?

Do what?

Obviously if this is non-native English speaker I take it all back. Ah GOBBLES.

Kevin McGrath opens up the can of serious whoop-ass on Security Researchers!!!!

Those that can do,
Those that can't teach,
Those that can't teach administrate,
Those that can't administrate apparently do research
In the most highly arrogant, and sometimes ignorant, manner possible.

True that. Yeah, doing stuff is hard. That is why I teach now

An oldie but a goodie on legislating software patches in which Walt can't resist chiming in

Fact is, Boeing's IT staff DID have plans to do hotfixes on the 777 and 787 _in flight_ but the plant IT staff got wind of it and killed it. The IT guys didn't understand why this was a Bad Thing(tm).

Thank god for Plant IT! IT Who?

Country First!


tebo said...

Just when they prove it's long past due to follow your lead and get off of these channels you have to go back in and share lunacy ;]

GridEngineer said...

I figured this out about a week ago when I saw 62 messages in my SCADASEC folder...

As they say in Comms, the signal to noise ration is getting a little low.