Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm with Joe on SCADASEC

Not like I care anymore (or even bothered to check out what he was referring to,) but I guess it was an an interesting week on SCADASEC which I unsubscribed from a while back since I view control systems security as a quaint museum artifact and the lack of adult supervision and recycled discussions on the list were far too frustrating.

Maybe after campaign season I'll resubscribe. Or perhaps by then we'll be in the midst of the Second Great Depression (25% unemployment they say?) and I will have packed up my family in our Honda minivan to go pick fruit back in Texas. And the memory of SCADA security will be a relic of more prosperous times.

Yeah, that's an allusion to the Grapes of Wrath if you didn't get it. And contrary to what they said after 9/11, we will still have irony.

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