Monday, September 01, 2008

Tide (in media) is Turning v. Palin?

Yeah, definitely looks like the euphoria on Friday of the "bold choice" is wearing thin. Really quite sad to watch. Command of National Guard? Proximity to Alaska? Come on guys, dig the hole deeper. The real interesting thing is to see how this resolves itself. I wonder what is going on behind the scenes in the GOP? It is one thing to hear Hannity and Rush, but I heard Jack Kemp spewing the party line on Palin. The thing I wondered when McCain was introducing her, was did he really believe what he was saying. And if he didn't, did he really care?

Found on TPM

And regarding this whole
Alaska Independence Party thing, that sort of thing doesn't surprise me one bit. There was quite a bit of that in Texas and I used to bring in news articles from these sorts of secessionist groups when I talk 7th Grade Texas History down in San Antonio.

Good to go back to work tomorrow so I can stop all this political soap opera, although truth be told I actually did a bunch of Python coding over the 3-day weekend and made it down to the Mall today and saw the WW II Memorial, which from ground level was sort of underwhelming, but once you go down next to the pool, it starts to grow on you.

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