Thursday, September 04, 2008

I don't want a nation just for me

What is different from four years ago when (I'm not ashamed at all) to admit I voted Republican? 

In 2008, I know how much health care costs and how easy you can be denied coverage. I paid COBRA (from Cisco) for over year (over $1300/month)  when I worked for a small company and how individual plans drop (or won't even cover) you.

Now I have a multicultural family. I traveled to China and have a Chinese daughter. Seen curious the stares from "hard working white Americans."  I lived in Skokie, Illinois for over a year and saw the benefits of living in a diverse community for myself and for my daughter.

I have fought with Behavioral Health Care providers over benefits for serious mental health issues for a family member. Have you ever heard McCain talk about parity for mental health care?

I was a strong supporter of the invasion of Iraq (and "the surge,") but there was been no accountability, no realistic assessment, no reckoning. 

Denial and delusion is what McCain-Palin will bring.

We need less Rumsfeld and more Gates. More strategy less tactics. 

I certainly don't agree with much of the Democratic platform, but a party dominated by social and cultural conservatives with ignorance fueling their certainty.

We need more gray. Less black and white.

And most of all I don't have the energy to be cynical anymore. 

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