Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain v. Obama Legislation (I was suprised)

Hilzoy has a nice compare & contrast on their legislative records

The interesting part, for me, is seeing how the comparisons come out. I never really know in advance; one reason I do this is as a check on my own objectivity. In this case, I assumed that McCain would absolutely dominate during the 109th Congress, both because his party was in power and because of his seniority. (These affect not just how likely his bills are to pass, but how likely they are to be listed as his bills: there's a reason that the bill Dick Lugar and Barack Obama wrote on nonproliferation was introduced as Lugar-Obama.) I wasn't sure about the 110th: Obama's party was in control, but McCain still had seniority; probably more importantly, both candidates were off campaigning. Was I right? No. Why not? See for yourselves, below the fold.

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