Wednesday, September 17, 2008

RNC in the House!

Not PC (do folks use that term anymore?) but damn funny.

From Black Comic Introduces McCain

And you know he got to marry that girl, too. Because … her momma done shot a moose.


She shot a motherfucking moose! Put its head up on the wall and everything. That’s cold, man. That’s like Al Qaeda shit. Post that shit on the Internet as a warning to other moose.


’Cause when a girl’s momma shoot a moose, that’s, like, a red flag for me. I take that shit into consideration. I do! It’s like, ‘Yeah, you fine. No doubt. You real fine. And you got a great personality. And you drunk. But … ain’t your momma the one done shot a moose? I’ll be seeing you later on.’ I practice abstinence with moose-shooting-momma-having bitches.


Reform Prosperity Peace


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