Sunday, September 28, 2008

Historic Days, Historic Times

Sure there is a lot of the same old stump speech here, and yes there are way too many promises, but in the rain yesterday that has drifted in and out of the Mid-Atlantic states, in the darkness, with his sleeves rolled up, you get glimpses of of Big-H History is happening. Something is going on here.

Twenty years ago I went down to Texas to college, but now I'm full circle. And what stands out over the past two decades.

The collapse of the Soviet Union. The Fall of the Berlin Wall. The night the first bombs fell over Baghdad. The loaded railcars from Fort Hood going through College Station, some vehicles painted brown, others still the woodland camo for the Fulda.

The long superficial years of Clinton interrupted by Waco and Oklahoma City. Watching the TV's in JFK (en route to Moscow where we'd adopt me oldest son) about the DDOS. The Dot Com crash. And 9/11 and shell's of half-completed office parks in Austin when the money ran out.

And now.

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