Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stunned Ickes?

So getting the kids back into a routine after a trip is always a challenge, but it was complicated by the DNC meeting. Just too hard not to watch. Even for my 9 year old. He was transfixed, although he obviously didn't get it all. We started watching when at the "15" vote and chants of "Denver, Denver, Denver" and I wasn't really sure who wont until it became obvious.

And Ickes was quite a treat. How many times did he say "ass?" He did say that, right? And who did he say became more eloquent the more he drank?

Classy, if a bit bitter. But didn't really represent himself (or Clinton) all that well, but I guess we should have expected that. "Hijacked!?"

These Democrats. First Florida in 2000 and now this circus.

(LULAC, hehe, I remember them from Texas)

Pretty rich. The real question is the all this an act to fire up the Hillary supporter and torpedo Obama or do they really believe what they are saying?

(You know, the whole are you a liar if you know you are a liar question. And Is lying to yourself really lying?)

So the new count is Obama: 2,052, and Clinton: 1,877.5 with 2118 necessary to win?

But maybe the fun is really over and I can go back to blogging mostly on Linux again

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