Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Air America: MIA in the Rustbelt

So I'm smack dab in the middle of a rustbelt rest area (my daughter is struggling with her PBJ bagel from Einsteins, yeah nice than the ones in Indiana) and scanning the dial there must have been a half-dozen different AM stations playing Limbaugh, and no Air America. No wonder this neck of the woods went to Hillary.

So was forced to listen to RUSH and it was quite amusing (before I became too disgusted) This half-wit women calling in asking for advice from Rush on how to "sell McCain" to her liberal California friends. And I swear there was a 30 seconds and lots of groans before Rush could come up with an answer. "He loves his country. He is for the war," was about the best he could come up with. Wasn't sure he supported the Bush tax cuts or not. Back on the road.


Jake Brodsky said...

In the urban areas where you're headed, Progressive Democrats rule the roost. However, once you get to places near farm land, the population takes the same twist that it does almost everywhere else.

It would be wise not to wear too much of your politics on your sleeve. But if you're looking for something to listen to, try 1260 AM when you get close to DC.

Matt Franz said...


Makes sense based on my Texas (and central Kansas) experience, but I was just shocked how many channels Limbaugh was on.

When you are driving cross-country,
it is mostly about amusement than politics. I used to love AM 1370 (Austin's Conservative Alternative) as Michael Savage was just as amusing as Democrats going after Hillary. While Bush-bashing is fairly uninteresting.