Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OpenSUSE 11 Beta 3 Impressions

My Thinkpad's started dying today, so after doing the long slow drive wipe to what was left, I tried OpenSUSE 11 (64 Bit) Gnome LiveCD, and here the first impressions:
  • Much prettier than Ubuntu, I like all the green (vs. the Ubuntu brown)
  • First Linux distro to get the resolution right through the GUI for a widescreen flat screen with my Thinkpad (only got display mirroring
  • Wireless worked flawlessly
  • Compiz worked flawlessly and snappily (although sound died after it installed)
  • Gstreamer plugins (for Totem) worked if a bit clumsily and Flash plugin auto installation failed (in contrast to Gutsy and Hardy)
  • Seems snappier, not sure if that is the 64 bit kicking in (always been too conservative) about that.
  • Repository auto updates have improved significantly since the last time I used SUSE much
No reason to try this on the server, but I may run this when my new drive shows up in the mail.

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