Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AppleCare has been great, well, except...

So I finally wiped my 12" G4 last week and decided to finally get it looked at. Wednesday, less than a 5 minute wait with tech support, who spoke English (obviously one of of those hard working white Americans) and didn't even seem like she was reading off a script. Friday, brought into the Genius Bar. She (notice a pattern here, kind of like when mid year of my 2nd year of teaching, I realized the class that I had the best discussions with was 70% girls) ran some diagnostics could reproduce the problem, but shipped it out anyway and I got it back today by Fedex. They replaced the hard drive. Great! Should have done this a long time.

Except the the awful grinding noise is back again there (obviously a fan) and I've already started populating my PowerBook with apps.

Repeat the process or live with it?

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