Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Spade?

Interesting Nation article that unpacks this notion of "electability"

So, in the name of another personal quality--honesty--I'd like Hillary Clinton to make the following statement: "Though my opponent has run a terrific campaign, in primary after primary, I have proven that I am the more electable candidate. I am more electable because I am white. Barack Obama--Wow!--he's certainly inspired a lot of hope, but as voters in Indiana and North Carolina make up their minds, as the superdelegates make up their minds, they should remember that Barack Obama is black. They should also remember that a whole lot of white working-class Americans are racists. White racists are an important part of the Democratic Party, and time and time again, they've supported me because I am white. I am ready on day one to govern as your white American president."

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Dickard said...

That's about right. Of course what else does "does well with white voters" mean if not that.

FYI, if the party lets Hillary steal it the nomination will take place on August 28, 2008. Tthe 45th Anniversary of the I Have a Dream Speech.