Saturday, April 12, 2008

What the hell are Midwestern Values?

I was born in Kansas (but never lived there much) but I'm at a loss for these "Midwestern Values" Hillary refers to in her attacks on Obama? Of course this infers that Obama does not have them.

Some here are some some ideas my wife and I came up with

* Insanely clean floors (or perfectly rounded shrubs)
* Taking your Christmas lights down within two weeks (or not leaving you Christmas tree in the back yard until the first day of Spring, like someone I know)
* At least 6 months of Cheerios in your pantry (or "storm cellar")
* Informing on your neighbors? (or at calling the village when your dog barks too much)
* Fascist snow day regulations (you know, the even/odd thing that cost me hundreds of dollars since I moved to Skokie)

Then of course it gets interesting if you replace Midwest with Mideast, West Coast, Southern, African, Indonesian, Hawaiian, Asian, etc.

But the good news, after Hillary's response to Bitter-gate, my wife finally thinks Hillary is evil!

Yes, I have won!

NOTE: If you are wondering about the image, that (and all sorts of other freakish things) came up when I did a google image search for "midwestern values"). If female robots are the embodiment of "midwestern values" you can count me out.

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