Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another I-35 Security Startup

Following my LinkedIn updates led me to CoreTrace and this great picture.

I don't wnat this guy anywhere near my endpoint. Wonder how long he'll will be the mascot? He looks like he could get a bit bitter and cling to guns (but probably not religion!) if his VC money drys up and he had to go work on 6th Street.

Then he could do shots with Hillary and drive over to College Station and go shooting near the Brazos River like I used to do back in the day. Meaning the shooting part. Nothing like a nice stream bank to unload a few clips.

But application whitelisting? And from the usual suspects (if you were anywhere close the Austin/San Antonio scene in the last decade) but speaking of Austin startups that green appliance sure looks nifty. And based on the screencast, looks a hell of a lot easier than SmartBits/WebAvalanche. What a pain!

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