Sunday, April 20, 2008

OpenBSD Finally Gets WPA/WPA2

This could be good news for all those fools^H^H^H^Hfolks that try to run *BSD on their desktop/laptops (although I'm sure someone will prove me wrong, cause I didn't take the time to man those devices)
Damien Bergamini (damien@) just committed WPA-support (wikipedia) for OpenBSD. In the commit message, Damien states that "bwi(4), malo(4), ral(4), iwn(4), wpi(4), ural(4), rum(4), upgt(4), and zyd(4) should work." And, Damien says "support for more chipsets should arrive soon."
To me this is of more significance for folks that build wireless routers than anything else.

But what do I know/care. Although truth be told I wouldn't mind running PF as my home firewall if the USB EVDO card would work.

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