Sunday, April 13, 2008

I don't give a shit, I'm a researcher (and the E-Word in SCADA)

I wasn't at RSA but based on this An Open Letter to Joanna Rutkowska this session would have been either really cool (or really frustrating to see)

I think it's only fair to point out that given your performance, you're not only an "independent researcher" but more so an "independent contractor." Using the "I'm a researcher" excuse doesn't cut it.

I know it's subtle and lots of folks are funded by third parties, but they also do a much better job of drawing the line than you do.

Despite your position on the matter and unlike you, I do give a shit, Joanna. I care very much that your research as presented to the press and at conferences like RSA isn't only built to be understood by highly skilled technicians or researchers because the continued thrashing that they generate without recourse is doing more harm than good, quite frankly.

Now, I know you can't control the press or what they print, but you certainly don't seem to invest much in terms of ensuring accuracy or clarifying the corner cases you're talking about. Here's an example from a Forbes article based upon your RSA presentation:

This is actually not entirely irrelevant to another classic discussion on Ethics on the SCADA mailing list but I have to get back to getting my house ready for the photo shoot tomorrow!

For some reason this comment me of a line from the Hunt for Red October, when a much thinner Alec Baldwin, says at a critical moment in the movie, "I'm just an analyst." And the San Angelo movie theatre (full of 98C's and 98G's from Goodfellow AFB) breaks out laughing. Much simpler times.

Ah to be 19 again. Just kidding!

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