Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Minimalist Retro Desktop

So despite my glowing reports about hardy it hasn't been all wine and roses. I finally filed a a really annoying bug which causing the keyboard to go wacky in X, so that I couldn't enter any control characters. That is the bad news. Really annoying. At first I thought it was just some weird control character shit within gnome-terminal that was screwing up remote minicom sessions (IOS wasn't too happy either) but no it was the whole shebang.

But in the good news, having HAD IT with Openbox (it too was not happy under Hardy, and WTF can't I disable window contents when moving them!) I've fallen in love with fluxbox and (as you can see) it plays nice with panel apps like nm-applet, pidgin, and amarok. And good old gkrellm does a really nice job on Thinkpad hardware stats.

And oh yeah, gRun is so much faster than using blasted GNOME/KDE menus.

Believe me.

So who needs OSX?

(Well actually I still haven't had much luck with dual headed displays, so maybe I still do)

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Bill Marquette said...

fluxbox is awesome, I'm so happy they finally re-added window tab (tabs NOT inside the titlebar *ick*) support back into the release version. Using it on my FreeBSD box sitting on my desk which just serves up xterms. Used to use it on a machine with 64m ram, had to use something non-memory intensive (4M ram for a window manager was just what I needed!)