Monday, March 31, 2008

Luv Them Firewalls

I guess I'm one of those unsophisticated old fogies that block my kids access. Squid is down and 9-year old doesn't care that much and hasn't figured out he can just disable the proxy, but my 4 year old daughter's Internet addiction is is in full bloom on Mom's MacBook playing the Dora/Diego games and a year ago she ordered 2-3 seasons from iTunes before I figured out how to disable it.

The media, which all operate under direct or indirect state control, warn frequently about internet addiction when discussing technology's effects on youth. At the end of 2006, the media reported that the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League stated that more than 2 million children and teens were internet addicts. In 2008, the Xinhua news agency reported that 11% of youth ages 18 to 23 are addicted to the internet.

For God's sake for as long as she can remember she's see a laptop attached to her parents, so why shouldn't she be addicted too?

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