Saturday, March 08, 2008

It is pretty simple

I'm not so sure of the generational consequences if the Clintons manage to scuttle Obama in the coming weeks and months
If this promise is eclipsed because the old political system conspires to strangle it at birth, the reaction from the new influx of voters will be severe. The Clintons will all but guarantee they will lose a hefty amount of it in the fall, as they richly deserve to. Some will gravitate to McCain; others will be so disillusioned they will withdraw from politics for another generation. If the Clintons grind up and kill the most promising young leader since Kennedy, and if they do it not on the strength of their arguments, but by the kind of politics we have seen them deploy, the backlash will be deep and severe and long. As it should be.

but I do know that voting for McCain (no matter how much he contorts himself it all that he was not in the 2000 campaign and while an underdog) or, more likely, another year skipping out on the election (like 1992, 1996, 2000) is no sweat for me. And the same goes for the dream team (the arrogance of the Clintons, on this is too much to take) for if Obama were to VP (pick Hillary as VP) all his hope & change will have indeed turned out to be hot air.

However, the amusing thing is the number of folks on the Left (my data being the shows on Air America I listen to during my commute or when shuttling between data centers during the day) that are absolutely pissed about the Clintons.

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