Saturday, March 29, 2008

2nd Thoughts on Dell Laptops (based on Precision M65)

So I'm sort of a laptop snob. I don't care much for MacBook Pro's, let along their flimsier sibling. And Dell's well, I don't want to go there. But most of this experience is based on Latitude's and based on the Precision M65 I was issued this week, maybe I was overgeneralizing. First of all the [Nvidia] graphics are amazingly snappy and the display very crisp, but most importantly these guys are sturdy -- maybe even sturdier than my T-61. Plus, good port layout and even a real Serial port.

I didn't calculate the price difference (but I recently did between comparably equipped T-61's and a high end D-series Latitude, which was around 20% more than the Lenovo) but I'm guessing Thinkpad's provide better value.

BTW, although this box will remain XP only, I did boot up the Ubuntu Hardy Heron Beta and it worked great. Correct (1280x800) screen resolution and WPA worked like a champ on the Intel 3945 card.

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