Saturday, March 15, 2008

Air America Caves on Wright Controversy

I don't think it was just because of all the stand-in (Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller are all off the air) but, yesterday, I was amazed at the condemnation of Pastor Wright's remarks by all these Lefties.

Some of this may only be pragmatic (Air America radio hosts are generally pro-Obama and they don't want their guy to lose) but Randi Rhodes talking about the need for "separation of church and state." Don't mix politics and religion? What planet are they on? Obviously, these folks have never stepped in the doors of mainline/Liberal Christian denomination with any focus on social justice, where politics does show up in sermons. While the Episcopal Church is my primary (and most recent) data point, I believe this also applies to Liberal (i.e Reform/Reconstructionist) Judiasm as well based on our experience of briefly attending a couple of Reform Temples in Austin and San Antonio.

I really don't see why everybody is hyperventilating. Critique of American hubris or blind support of Israel/sympathy with the Palestinian cause, examination of consequences for short-sighted American foreign policy, etc. is fairly common fare in Liberal churches. Engagement with politics and culture is not (and should not) be taboo in the Church. Spritual growth is not (and should not be) about telling you what you want to hear. It should challenge and interrogate your faith. Otherwise what is the point?

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