Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome Samuel Austin!

12/12 @ 10:38 CST - 8 lbs 14 oz much bigger than expected!

(Would have got this up sooner but had to setup a quick squid over SSH to get through websense)


ab3a said...

Congratulations! I hope you didn't have to negotiate too many of those terrible roads to get your wife to the hospital.

And be careful of the diaper changes. Boys have a way of wetting you down if you're not paying attention...

Landon Lewis said...


Christofer Hoff said...

Congratulations, Matt.

I've got 3...I don't know if this is your first, but if it is, welcome to the club!

Hope all are happy and safe.

Get off the computer and enjoy your kid!


Matt Franz said...

Thanks to everyone (finally catching up on comments). Sam is #3 (but first bio child, my others were adopted as toddlers so definitely a lot to learn!)