Tuesday, December 11, 2007

AntiDote for Bad Customer Service Experience and Icy Roads

Between dealing with RCN and a clueless United Behavioral Health rep yesterday thinking I last had service in 2001 (this is my first bad experience with them, otherwise they are awesome and kick Magellan's ass) there is a need for some humor so check out the Immanual Kant Attack Ad (by Nietzsche) and Ron Paul's favorite Super Hero and Andrew Young's absurd comments on [Bill] Clinton and Obama who claims he was the first black president because he has slept with more black women than Obama.

Oh and on the not funny (but reassuring that conservative support for Obama is not a vast right wing conspiracy) this National Review article mocking the Messianic Obama.

Unfortunately, must leave warm Panera, get on the icy roads, and go to work.

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