Friday, December 28, 2007

If you don't believe me, at least believe Chris Rock

Although not as good as the line about him not being afraid of "the media" robbing him at an ATM machine, this isn't bad either

“I love Hillary Clinton,” he continued, “but to me she is the Democratic version of George Bush: someone who is running, and the only reason you know who this person is is because of their name.”

But seriously, Check out Obama's latest speech from Iowa

That's the kind of change that's more than just rhetoric - that's change you can believe in. It's change that won't just come from more anger at Washington or turning up the heat on Republicans. There's no shortage of anger and bluster and bitter partisanship out there. We don't need more heat. We need more light. I've learned in my life that you can stand firm in your principles while still reaching out to those who might not always agree with you. And although the Republican operatives in Washington might not be interested in hearing what we have to say, I think Republican and independent voters outside of Washington are. That's the once-in-a-generation opportunity we have in this election.

I've been pretty cynical about politics (and most things over the years) but I actually contributed a few bucks to his campaign. I haven't decided who I'll vote for (or if I'll even vote) but I do know for damn sure who won't be getting my vote: Clinton or Romney.

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