Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello Sprint EVDO Goodbye AT&T DSL!

Although I haven't yet managed to cancel my AT&T DSL order yet (I only had 5-6 hops before giving up, which reminded me of the reason I a year ago never to use them again) but after 24 hours I've given up. The service tech was nice enough, but DSL Self Install kit never arrived and I could never get a dial tone. Maybe the three daisy-chained telephone network interfaces had something to do with it. Or maybe it was the rats nest mix of Cat 5 and 1950's era kit, but I started looking for wireless alternatives. I've only been logged with the Novatal U727 (on my Powerbook, it supposedly works with Linux, too) for 32 minutes but so far so good.


EVDOguy said...


if you ever decide you'd like to share that goodness with more than one mac, you might want to look at the CradlePoint CTR350 or PHS300 EVDO Routers:

the EVDO Experts are at

Matt Franz said...

Thanks, but I'll just use a Linux box.