Thursday, August 21, 2008

Funny Thoughts On Why Folks don't go to SCADA Conferences

So the the latest on why someone isn't going to a SCADA conference comes from Walt on why he isn't going to PCSF this year.

I am not attending PCSF next week because of the press of work here. I have a 100 page magazine to get out by Friday of next week, and we are significantly behind schedule.

We'll I'm not going to PCSF (although I was invited to present, too) because I picked another SCADA CyberSecurity conference instead. Besides having bad memories of PCSF in 2006 (being told I was arming terrorists or something, I'm probably exaggerated) I have a bit of Cisco nostalgia, so I wanted to go to San Jose instead.

Of course the real reason I'm blogging on this is due to Joe's complaining about who didn't show up to his conference and Dale's post on why most SCADA conferences aren't worth attending.

Country First!

(I think I'm going to end all my posts with that until the election!)

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Jake said...

If I had the money and the time, I'd attend all of these conferences.

By the way, the water folk are still discovering there is a thing called SCADA and the need to secure it is barely on their radar. Although most of the folk there are IT oriented, you may stumble across an occasional process oriented person.

Yes, we need a heterodyne of these two groups to succeed (I stole that term from Mycurial). But we're still plagued with these approaches that tend to pull toward one side or the other.