Sunday, August 31, 2008

Country First, Principles above Politics?

It's really sad. From Advisers Say Conservative Ire Pushed McCain Away From Picking Lieberman

For weeks, advisers close to the campaign said, Mr. McCain had wanted to name as his running mate his good friend Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democrat turned independent. But by the end of last weekend, the outrage from Christian conservatives over the possibility that Mr. McCain would fill out the Republican ticket with Mr. Lieberman, a supporter of abortion rights, had become too intense to be ignored.

With time running out, and after a long meeting with his inner circle in Phoenix, Mr. McCain finally picked up the phone last Sunday and reached Ms. Palin at the Alaska State Fair. Although the campaign’s polling on Mr. McCain’s potential running mates was inconclusive on the selection of Ms. Palin — virtually no one had heard of her, a McCain adviser said — the governor, who opposes abortion, had glowing reviews from influential social conservatives.

This is the difference between McCain in 2000 and 2008. This is why folks that have never voted Democrat (like myself) will be doing so this year. Well, that and the small problem of the incompetent arrogance of Bush-Cheney.

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