Thursday, August 14, 2008

CPNI Secures the Internet

Wonder how much Fernando Gont got for writing this

This document aims to raise awareness about the many security threats based on the IP protocol, those that we are currently facing, and those we may still have to deal with in the future. It provides advice for the secure implementation of the IP, and also insights about the security aspects of the IP that may be of help to the Internet operations community.

And some profound statements like

Producing a secure TCP/IP implementation nowadays is a very difficult task partly
because of no single document that can serve as a security roadmap for the protocols.

Sure. Great. Uh huh. And it only took a year.

What next?


How about Ethernet while you are it.

Oh no, definitely go for TCP.


Richard Bejtlich said...

You guessed right -- TCP is next. I have a copy of the doc here... :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to quote Obama for responding to your post: "It's not that your are bad or you don't care... you simply don't get it"

Matt Franz said...

That could very well be.