Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush as Carter / Georgia as Afghanisation '79

Andrew Sullivan nails it

Imagine that Bush is a Democrat (not that hard when you consider his fiscal record). Now imagine that a Democratic president had presided over the worst attack on American soil in history, a far stronger Iran on the brink of nukes, and a resurgent, aggressive Russia, willing and able to invade and terrorize a neighboring country in part because the president long believed that its president was a good man, and had looked into his soul.

I think they would have impeached him a few years ago, no? He would be viewed as the Carter to end all Carters

Then there is of course all the impotent tough talk against the Russians. We aren't going to do shit about Russia -- nor should we.

Russia's Georgian adventure is actually pretty brilliant. It demonstrates the impotence of an apathetic Europe that is probably suspicous of the East anyway and an overextended (oil-starved) America that is talking tough about NATO expansion and missle defense in Russia's backyard.

Start a small (or not so small) invasion of a pro-Western (maybe!) neighbor for a few days. Then back down when America agrees to stop all messing around in your backyard.

Brilliant, I tell you.

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