Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Click Router Release!

While there are loads of crude packet generators like hping, sendip, nemesis (and back in the day I used to used a set of tools called spak in a TCP/IP Security course I wrote back in 1998) that you could use to reproduce various L2/L3 attack or send the arbitrary frame. But if you need to have tight control of the packet rate and packet size (like smartbits/avalanche) to do performance testing of forwarding devices, the free/Open Source tools are pretty primitive. The built in Linux packet generator allows a mean spew of frames (I measured around 300kpps on my T-61!) but it is either a firehose or a trickle since the delay mechanism was just not effective to set the consistent packet rate.

The Click Modular Router however, does not suffer form these limitations and I used it extensively this Spring when I was comparing interrupt utilization across OpenBSD and FreeBSD PF implementations. But unfortunately it only ran on older kernels (and believe me I tried) so today's release is good news.

I have been meaning to release a UbuntuTrinux-Click release that has an easy to deploy version of Click. Maybe this will help me get on to that task.

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