Friday, September 07, 2007

More Shrewd Analysis from Richard Clarke

I happened to follow on of many posts on OBL 's new beard over on Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish to silly article
with these amazing bits of intel analysis:
"It does look oddly like he is wearing a false beard," Richard Clarke, a former White House counterterrorism official and now ABC News consultant, said. "If we go back to the tape three years, he had a very white beard. This looks like a phony beard that has been passed on."

And is Richard Clarke on "my list?" Maybe, I started (but never finished) a blog on his silly Blackhat Keynote (no I didn't attend personally, since I don't do Las Vegas). I probably do have some lingering resentment towards the former Cybersecurity Czar for having to miss a bunch of Common Criteria conference sessions back in April 2002, when my group at Cisco had to do some BS prezo on the "Future of Internet Security" for him.

And if you are wondering where my technical blogs went (and are wishing I'd cut all this political crap), they are over on AngryRuby which actually isn't so angry anymore. Look for more JRoR fun this weekend!

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