Thursday, September 06, 2007

Folksy Fred? 'Fraid Not!

Although this is actually a pretty decent picture that made a positive first impression for some reason (squinty eyes, head cocked, bald-spot chopped off, dark shirt, hand reaching out...) I had the misfortune of watching Fred08's video this morning. I'll admit I was on the way out the door and the video was a bit choppy, but it was hard to watch. And then on the way home I heard the nice NPR Piece on his movies. They played all these really bad lines from really bad movies. Who could listen to this guy? But I guess some people watch these dreadful shows.

Dubya is painful enough to listen to, but this guy? The delivery was all wrong. Come on. Made me think I was listening to another Southern lawyer from North Carolina that is on the Democratic ticket, except Edwards is more articulate. It reminded me of a folksy, blue jean, tough guy video of Bush driving his truck on the ranch during the 2000 Republican convention that was at least effective albeit cheesy. (That sort of thing works against a Gore or Kerry but not against Clinton or Obama this year).

With the exception of McCain (and maybe Paul) both of which are probably unelectable, the clowns (and pandering to the "conservative base", which is somehow more pathetic than the Democrats pandering to the Anti-War vote, when of the outcome in Iraq will be likely the same regardless of which sides wins) the Republicans have in the race (yes, G-n-R are clowns) illustrate the desperation of the party that deserves a 1964 style ass-kicking if they go with someone like Fred--or deserves it period. Apparently the smart Republican candidates (much like Clinton in 2004) know it is best to sit this one out and watch the cultural conservative (meaning the gay-bashing, immigrant hating...) wing of the party get their clocks cleaned.

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