Sunday, September 16, 2007

iPhone Never, iTouch Maybe -- it all depends on the Apps

So even after the price drop, the iPhone is not tempting, but my [almost four year old] daughter couldn't keep her hands of the iTouch at the local Apple store and I'm intrigued if you can run the same apps as on the iPhone such as Dropbear and of course Ruby, Python, etc. It might be even worth $299. The idea of having a decently powered, 802.11 capable *BSD box, that you can easily move files to and from using standard tools (ssh, rsync, etc.) that fits in your pocket seems really cool.

This NerveGas character seems to be doing some cool stuff and there is a growing list of cool iphone hacks available and of course the iPhone Dev Wiki is definitely show promise.

But has anyone confirmed these growing number of apps and hacks run on the on the iTouch? If Colloquy runs on both I assume its the case, but there isn't much out there yet in on the iTouch.

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