Thursday, May 17, 2007

ubuntutrinux-core-0.1 release candidate is out!

In the past hour or so I've squashed enough bugs and completed enough documentation, I'm please to say that a release candidate for the first (0.1) formal release of UbuntuTrinux is now available. I've hit most of the milestones for 0.1 and some in 0.2. Not to shabby.

Among the changes:
  • A complete list of included tools is up. Let me know if I missed anything small. We are a 14.2 megs. 15 meg is the new max.
  • bash is now the default shell (not sure why but it keeps ls from segfaulting on long file listings, must have been a busybox ash thing) and less finally works
  • I think Nmap 4.20 is new this build. It may have been in the last one. Socat is new because I didn't have any port redirection tools apart from what is in iptables.
  • Added the latest build of snort. I got it working, but there are no signature files or configuration files present.
  • New dropbear keys are generated on each boot
Now on to the testing, final documentation, and release announcement on Freshmeat.

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