Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OSX Safe Boot is your Friend (SHIFT!)

There I was (after weird wireless issues and a Finder that hung with only the spotlight icon the upper right hand corner after login) booting from the install CD (learning that boot from the CD that came with my MacBook indeed causes a kernel panic) and net-catting mdfranz.sparseimage over to another box and racking my brain for the master password I used with Folder Vault and wondering if I managed to copy this 30 gig file over to my MacBook would I be able to open it? And with only my userid? And so an rsync of 363,250 files begins so tha I can finally go to sleep tonight and end my Thinkpad envy.

But hey I learned that I can push 7MB/sec from a Powerbook G4 - 1.5ghz to a PIII-500 with netcat. And average about 4-5 MB/sec with rsync+ssh. Yes, bwm-ng is your friend, too. All through the switched ports on Cisco 851. Which is 3 times what I was able to do over wireless (routing on the router, though a Linksys (natting), then routing through another Linux box)

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