Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ruby (off Rails) Podcasts?

Although NPR was surprisingly non-depressing today (wowie-woooie, Condi is talking with the Syrians and neither side lectured each other) I was looking for some Ruby podcasts to listen on the commute home which seems to averaging about an hour lately. Something where I don't have to listen to Rails fanboys like the drivel on the OReilly Ruby blogs. or with a little more advanced and that won't induce traffic accidents like Rubyology. Something like .NET Rocks except without all the VB. Since tomorrow is WFH friday (enough Services vs. Solutions and TCO-talk for one week, need to actually get some work done), maybe I'll give Ruby Roundup a listen on Monday.

Or maybe this mysterious Thomas character can help me?


Thomas Ptacek said...

You'd listen to a Ruby podcast on your commute home? Today I listened to NPR Sound Opinions (apparently, go buy the new Arctic Monkeys, and skip Feist). Last week, I listened to Joe Klein from Time making fun of politicians.

I'd rather eat a bug than listen to programming on my drive home.

If you're looking for a good Ruby resource, I'll recommend (today)

Matt Franz said...

I dunno one of news style podcasts (the slow-talking guys from Atlanta blah-blahing about upgrading their Macs) was pleasantly mind-numbing enough the other day. But I agree Sound Opinions is a treat, even when they review Avril Lavigne.