Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Suprise Author on OPC Security

It is always fun to get credit for work you didn't do.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I was one of the authors in an ISA InTech paper of OPC Security when a reader of the article provided feedback on how .NET OPC implementations (that use .NET Remoting vs. the dreaded DCOM) were farther along than we suspsected in the article. Working with BCIT on OPC security was my 2nd project at Digital Bond (the first project was contributing to energy sector scenario--oh yeah which involved OPC, a coincidence?--for the first DHS CyberStorm Exercise). What we thought was to be a short little paper we could knock out in a a few months, turned out to be massive document that will be released in multiple parts. This paper was the 2nd most painful deliverable I worked on. The first most painful one was a web application assessment where I learned how much more involved it is doing that sort of work for paying customers where you have to produce quality deliverables with executive summaries that management will read -- as opposed to the informal "powerpoint and engineering notes" (don't forget DDTS's!) deliverable that were adequate for Cisco product teams.

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