Thursday, May 24, 2007

Labradoodle vs. Latitude

Labradoodle's are awesome dog's. We rescued ours (mis-use of the term "adoption" for animals is a pet peeve of mine) from the Town Lake Animal Shelter back in Austin last Fall and he is now up to 80 pounds--but looks like 120 due to the haircut. Also has a scary deep bark. Most importantly (as illustrated in the snapshot above), He also hates Dell laptops.

Last week, I came home last week to find keys from my wife's D-510 spread across the floor as result of a tussle with our 24 pound female Boston Terrier. But there is a bright side to the story. The degradation of service against the Dell means and the ThinkPad Memorial Day Sale means I can give my MacBook (which I'm growing weary of) to my wife. The only thing holding me back is I'm torn between the bleeding edge 14.1" T-61 (7658CTO) which might result in a rough couple of months because this is going to be 90% Linux laptop. Or the underpowered, but more portable (and expensive) X-60 (1709CTO)

But no more Dells.

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