Saturday, July 05, 2008

Netgear fumbles (and recovers?) with their Open Source Router

Although I'm no stranger to running custom firmware on Broadcom wireless routers but I've definitely been intrigued by the WGR614L, but there was an interesting forum thread on the challenges of distributing (and supporting) new products but at least they 'fessed up to it and appear to be taking action.

I am the Product Line Manager for Wireless Products at NETGEAR and I apologize.

Please do send me your contact information and I will send you a WGR614L version out immediately. There had been an issue with one of our distributors and a few V9 versions was shipped out by mistake. We have recalled, but I guess you were one of the unfortunate ones to get a V9.

I guess I'll hold off a little longer. And see if I can find the old Dell 2300 AP when the movers come this week.

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