Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just How White are You?

Washington Journal (on C-SPAN radio) is just too depressing these days so I've been listening to Elliot in the Morning during my commute and I heard an interview with Christian Lander. Some pretty funny stuff but I guess I'm out of it because I hadn't heard of Stuff White People Like.

Not all of them are funny but some of them are, and many of them are spot on. Unlike Central Austin, Skokie was not a big white people (meaning Liberal white yuppie) places. New Market is very white but it is pretty "country" and not "white" like Seattle/Austin "white."

But anyway, we are guilty as charged with #85: The Wire
If you need to impress a white person, tell them you are from Baltimore. They will immediately ask you about The Wire and how accurate it is. You should confirm that it is “like a documentary of the streets,” the white person will then slowly shake their head and say “man” or “wow.” You will be seen in an entirely new light.

and high school especially the bit about The cure:

If you cannot properly gauge the type of music a white person liked in high school, you should always say that you were really into The Cure. All white people know that liking The Cure in high school is an invitation to be tortured by the cool kids. This will bring about instant sympathy and respect.

as well as Not Having a TV.

The number one reason why white people like not having a TV is so that they can tell you that they don’t have a TV.

Yeah, I have almost every Cure CD before 1995. And we don't currently own a TV, and we watch The Wire on iTunes & Netflix and I have only communicated with one person I went to high school with in the last 20 years!

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