Saturday, July 26, 2008

Always There?

Except if you have to support Jim Webb's revised GI Bill.

But seriously, as attack ads go this is pretty weak and not much to get that excited about. And if this is the "character" attack (compared to what they tried on Clinton during the 90s and lost) don't see it working that well for them. And the "Country First" crap? So 20th century. They really think it is effective rhetorically. But I guess that's all they've got.

An interesting contrast to steady hands of Plouffe who appears to actually have a strategy.

Plouffe said that the trip made three important impressions on voters:

1) “Our sense is that voters are looking for a new direction in foreign policy, as well as they are on the economy. We think it’s important to make sure they understand the direction Barack Obama would like to lead us, in terms of foreign policy. The speech in Berlin was a pretty good window into that.”

2) “It’s important for voters to see that when he’s dealing with world leaders and military leaders, that he’s very comfortable and that he is someone who can represent the country well on that stage.

3) “Voters in this country really do want our relationship with the world strengthened and are unhappy that there’s some tension there. We’re going to lead with strength, and not compromise anything. But the fact that he is a potential president who can have a better relationship with our allies and the rest of the world is something that’s very important to voters. The Republicans, at their peril, scoff at that.”

Plouffe said one reason he does not expect a surge in polls is that both Obama and McCain “have pretty healthy bases, so there’s not that many voters really voters in play here, in terms of a swing voter.”

“A lot of them are not going to make a decision right now,” he said. “There’s a chunk of people in this country – probably close to 8 to 10 percent – who are going to sit back and wait for this to unfold.”

Hillary's negative attacks (if I recall correctly) were far more effective.

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