Monday, June 02, 2008

Random Thoughts on Hardy Virtualization (Redux) and Other Topics

Although the shoddy support of dom0 across most distributions not just Hardy (at least my hardware) is depressing (but not as depressing as the last episode of Season 4 of The Wire, talk about bleak, although after reading the summary I may have misinterpreted much of the episode) the one bright spot has been KVM with Virtual Machine Manager. Everything is built in, no threat of custom kernel. (VirtualBox worked reasonably well but even when I installed the xVM binary off the Sun site, ubuntu kept wanting to install a new *-rt kernel). Trying again on Ubuntu, since my first attempt to get Tracks (an interesting-looking rails GTD app) on CentOS failed miserably, much like my attempts to do the cgi version of MoinMoin running under Apache. Disabled selinux, disabled suExec and it stilled didn't work -- before deciding just to run the Desktop Edition until I have time mess with it again. The good thing was a got some custom themes working for the first time (had never tried) and ended up getting sinorca4moin working pretty easily.

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