Saturday, June 07, 2008

Clinton Campaign like Bush Iraq Strategy

There have obviously been a lot of Clinton post-mortems but only Ben Smith's made me think of the similarities.

“There was a constant push and pull on what the overall message would be,” said a senior staffer, who recalled the endless delays on everything from Clinton’s speeches to her policies to her very schedule. “A lot of that paralysis went as high as her.”


As a result, when Clinton — as had been predicted by polls — lost Iowa, she and her aides were left with no set plan.

“There was not a plan in place — the plan was: Win Iowa,” said a senior staffer.


“After Iowa, everyone looked at her said, ‘Well, you were winning, so we didn’t feel the need to tell you all these things that were f---ed up,’” said an aide.

Bottom line in both: no contingency planning, too much reliance on other's judgement, and surrounding yourself with yes-[wo]men who won't tell you the truth.

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